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from "The Martindale-Hubbell Rating System: How It Works"

    For 130 years, Martindale-Hubbell has been the most respected source of authoritative and dependable biographical information about members of the legal community in the United States, Canada and worldwide.

    An integral part of this service to the legal community is the Martindale-Hubbell Rating System. Under this system, Legal Ability and General Ethical Standards Ratings for individual attorneys are developed and published in the Law Directory. The goal of this impartial rating system is the development of un-biased, fair and accurate ratings for as many lawyers as possible, including Directory subscribers and nonsubscribers alike.


    The majority of rating reviews are initiated by Martindale-Hubbell, typically five years after an attorney has been admitted to the Bar. In larger cities, ten years is the norm. An initial review of a lawyer can also be made at his or her request or at the request of a partner or colleague. Minimum periods following admission to practice are not required for any rating.

    There are many lawyers for whom no ratings are published. Some have requested not to have their rating published, while for others, definitive information has not been developed because of the relatively few years the lawyer has practiced, the size of the Bar or other reasons unrelated to the individual's professional competence, reliability or ethical standards. If the lawyer's practice is limited or specialized, it may afford little or no opportunity for others to form an opinion. Therefore, absence of ratings should not be construed as unfavorable.


    Martindale-Hubbell solicits confidential opinions from members of the Bar, including those who have ratings and those who do not.  In addition, members of the Judiciary are queried.

    Opinions are solicited via written questionnaires and by Martindale-Hubbell field representatives who conduct on-the-spot, oral interviews.  No rating is established or altered solely on the basis of a field representative's report. Before any action is taken, confidential written inquiries are solicited.

    All inquiries seek to elicit recommendations based on personal knowledge of the lawyer under inquiry. Martindale-Hubbell does not undertake to make an evaluation of a lawyer's scholastic background, types of clients represented, the number and kinds of cases handled or participation in professional or community activities. The rating process is recognized as a cooperative service to the Bar; participants are not compensated in any way.


    Ratings fall into two categories: Legal Ability and General Ethical Standards. Unless a rating is established in both categories, no rating is published.

    Legal Ability Rating:

    The Legal Ability Ratings take into consideration the standard of ability for the area where the lawyer practices, the attorney's expertise, nature of practice and qualifications relevant to the profession. Where a lawyer's practice is limited or specialized, rating opinions are made on the basis of performance in those specific fields of law.

    General Ethical Standards Rating:

    General Ethical Standards Ratings cover adherence to professional standards of conduct and ethics, reliability, diligence and other criteria relevant to the discharge of professional responsibilities.

    An attorney will not receive a Legal Ability Rating unless he or she has been endorsed for a "V".


    To maintain a high level of accuracy and dependability, Martindale-Hubbell conducts regular re-examinations of all ratings. If the result does not support the published rating, it is advanced, lowered or withdrawn.


    It is Martindale-Hubbell's policy to treat all phases of its impartial rating process as confidential. Sources contacted participate with that understanding. Under no circumstances are any ratings review materials released.


    Martindale-Hubbell respects the confidence the legal community has placed in its rating system. Considered an important tool used in the practice of law, the ratings are an invaluable resource for researching opposing counsel or engaging the services of an attorney. They represent a widely regarded measure of esteem that attorneys strive to earn.    

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